Jul. 9th, 2014

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As the incapacitated virus is hauled off for quarantine and processing, Enzo reels the grapnel back into the gauntlet on his left hand; with his right, he rubs his shoulder. "Ow," he declares.

"What d-do you expect?" asks Alvey, holstering her crossbow. "You pulled yourself onto him by the arm."

"Well, it worked. I got him to hold still for you."

"Spinning around with you on his b-back! Next time, a clear shot would be nice."

"I'll save it to file," Enzo groans, massaging his shoulder again.

"Nice riding, E!" cheers Hugh, jogging up. "Thinking of joining the rodeo?"

"Don't encourage him. Enzo, you need a ranged weapon that doesn't attach you to the enemy. You at least need the option."

"She's got a point. That's the hand with your token ring on it. Dani'd probably be upset if it got pulled off."

"The r-ring or the hand?"


"I know, I know. I just haven't found one that feels right yet."

"Well, what about modding your gauntlet? You're happy enough using that."

"Modding it how?" Enzo asks suspiciously. Hugh is great with devices, but he also has what some might consider an overactive sense of humour.

Hugh shrugs, though. "Amp up the laser pointer into a blaster, make the grapnel fire bolts without the line..."

"Yeah. Yeah, okay, that could work. It'll still have the laser pointer, though, right? It's good for targeting, and Minus likes to play with it."

"Multiple settings it is!"

"All right, then. But I'll be supervising. I don't want any unplanned bells and whistles surprising me during a fight."

"You wound me, sir."

"All right," proclaims Alvey, pushing on Hugh's back. "Good plan. Back to our stations. You can discuss it more after you log out."

"I'm asking Ina Jo to supervise too!" Enzo calls after Hugh, to an indignant squawk from the latter.


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