Apr. 24th, 2016

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"This," said Enzo, looking at a diagram of the data mines, "is going to be a problem."

Yori had gotten the map from the miners, but it offered no hints as to which tunnel Enzo might have arrived by, except that there were far too many to try following each to its end, even supposing the transit were two-way in the first place. Certainly the miners hadn't experienced anything of the sort. Enzo had tried placing Minus by the mine entrance and telling him "go home," but Minus had just acted confused. It was unclear whether he didn't understand what was being asked of him, or whether he did but was unable to comply.

"Okay, don't panic, don't panic, we just need an alternative approach. Option 0, brute force attack, I just try every door I can find until I get a connection."

Yori made a face at this inelegant solution. Tron said, "If that's your Plan A, we're not sticking around for it. I'm happy in principle to help, but we've got a task to execute, and it looks like Dumont was right about Mur needing an escort. We should have left already."

"I understand, but believe me, that's only a fallback idea. I just... need a better one. I don't suppose ENCOM did, er, does any research in time travel?"

"None that I know of," said Yori.

"Maybe you could leave a message for the future?" Mur suggested. "So someone could come get you?"

"Not a bad idea," said Tron, "but we can't count for sure on it working. We need something more active."

Enzo turned the idea over and around in his head, and found himself thinking instead of the digimat. It hadn't brought him here, but otherwise his situation was not unlike Kevin Flynn's. When they'd first constructed the digitizing laser from the old ENCOM plans, it was easy enough to digitize matter, but not to matterize energy. But reverting things to their original state was much easier...

"A Return command! Could we get one of those?"

Yori and Tron exchanged looks. "Dumont might have one," said Yori.

"Or know someone who does," agreed Tron.

"Nice!" said Mur. "That's where we're going anyway, yeah?"

"And you do seem handy in a fight." Tron looked Enzo up and down. And up. It was still disconcerting to Enzo to realize that he was slightly taller than the legendary hero. "All right. You help us get Mur here where she needs to be, we'll try to return the favor. Does that work for you?"

I get. To go. On a quest. With Tron. And Yori.

"Yeah, I... I think I'd be okay with that."


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