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Sep. 25th, 2017 04:59 pm
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Would you like a Happy Hour!

Here! Let me give you them!


First to claim, first to serve.
Have at!

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Sep. 25th, 2017 11:40 am
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Wilford is unaware that he has caused any drama lately. Sure, he had a little hiccup with Baze, but he's reset since then, and he doesn't even have any bruises from that little adventure. Which is great, because if he were stuck here waiting for those to fade any longer, he might have done something a lot worse than jumping out of a helicopter for the lulz.

First he heads to the bar to get some lunch and see if anything's been left for him. Getting only lunch and nothing else, he heads over to the fire to read over some notes while he eats.

He is completely botherable.

Monday DE: Tattered boots

Sep. 25th, 2017 05:44 am
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 Good morning Milliways. Let's grab a hand full of suspension of disbelief and imagine our pups are video game characters. If they were to die, what loot would drop?

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Sep. 25th, 2017 09:36 am
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Hey lovely people.

I'm vanishing for a week long hiatus while my sisters invade my house, spoil my cat, and have deeply detrimental effects on my bank balance through retail therapy.

Don't burn the bar down while I'm gone.

Sunday Indulgences

Sep. 24th, 2017 07:07 pm
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It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means please enjoy this soothing image )

Milltimed to last night...

Sep. 24th, 2017 11:06 pm
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Following her chat with Autor, Molly has been out in the grounds to retrieve Wilford's body from where Autor hauled it up onto the shore.

It's not a pleasant job - dead bodies rarely are - but she's seen worse, too. Worse luck.

The body is wrapped securely in a tarpaulin before being hoisted over her shoulder and carried through the bar, to be left in a cell. Baby, obligingly, provides a temperature-controlled environment, to slow the body becoming any more... unpleasant, and blacks out the cell walls to keep anyone else from getting a shock.

Job done, she collects a change of clothes from the Bar, and heads off for a shower: there's something about a corpse's smell that's hard to shake easily.

Back from her shower and sporting a new sky-blue Though she be but little, she be fierce t-shirt, she settles onto a high bar stool to write her note to the rest of the Security Team.

Guys... )

Responsibilities taken care of for the time being, Molly removes her badge - since she wasn't meant to be on duty, and she figures one dead body is enough work for one day - and resumes her interrupted relationship with her bottle of beer.

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Sep. 24th, 2017 11:00 pm
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After helping Autor upstairs, Vyvyan leaves two notes at the bar.

Gene and Bonnie )

He then sets about finishing the rest of Autor's whiskey. It's going to be a cold night, back home.

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Sep. 24th, 2017 10:40 pm
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For Yamato, it's only been maybe a day since Koushiro came to his apartment, and he's still feeling -- weird over it.

In truth, the bar is the last place he wants to see right now, but he resists the urge to just turn around and walk out the other way. Instead, he makes his way over to Bar, where a cupcake with a candle in the shape of the number eighteen appears. He prods at it without eating for a while, then slides it to one side.

It probably doesn't take someone tremendously observant to notice how his shoulders are slumping, or how completely dead his eyes look.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:17 pm
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Quentin's having a not great day, he always worries about Toby but things have been so quiet for so long, it can't last. Soon he'll have to get ready for his lessons with Etienne but for now he's eating pancakes and searching for Yamato.

Its been a while since he's seen him and then Yamato wasn't in a good place either. To keep from thinking too much, he has the TV tuned to a hockey game with teams he doesn't know. His disguise is down making his bronze hair with almost a hint of a patina and pointed ears visible while he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt that's almost the same bright blue as his eyes, May found it for him.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:06 pm
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Cassidy wanders downstairs, wearing one of those overly dramatic howling wolf t-shirts. In pink. What? He stole borrowed it from the Lost & Found Box. If it fits, he wears it, so he's wearing it.

In any case, he needs whiskey.

He's been thinking about going back through his door so he can do the thing that he still has to do, but that can wait until after he's had his whiskey.

Then, out of sheer curiosity, he very quietly asks the Bar:

"Hey, y'know that bottled blood I've been hearin' about? Mind if I get one o' those, too?"

Sure enough, a stout bottle of TruBlood appears next to his bottle of liquor. Pulling a face, he picks it up and reads the label. And then the ingredients. And then the little blurb on the side about how it was manufactured in Japan.

It's synthetic blood.

"What the everlovin' shite is this?" he mutters.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 05:49 pm
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Warnings for death and a description of a dead body. )

He leaves notes on the notice board and at Bar insisting that Security come find him, and curls up in a corner booth with a bottle of whiskey and plans to get very, very drunk.

[OOC: This post is open to all, but Autor won't be very good company.]

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:11 pm
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Hera's in a corner booth, slowly consuming a dish that looks like spongy white meat in a thick, blue-and-green sauce. She may have spent the last twenty minutes or so quietly arguing with Kanan over whether they could afford a "real food" meal, until Kanan had agreed to an equal offset of their cantina funds.

But not long after, Kanan had left the booth to wander outside. Because mynock Nabat, while a favorite of Hera's, has a very bitter scent that humans don't usually appreciate. Cold kopi tea is more tolerable, but does nothing to lessen the dish's smell, nor the unappetizing way mynock squelches as Hera digs her spoon into it.

Outside, Kanan has walked toward the rocky side of the lake shore. It has definitely become more difficult to find quiet aboard the Ghost, and somehow he has felt caught between quickly jumping to distractions, and the pull of the Force that's only been growing stronger, With no distraction immediately apparent here, Kanan is scoping out a lonely spot among the rocks to rest.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 11:23 pm
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[ooc: Fry's prank doesn't go quite as planned and his friends come to his rescue, but he nearly comes to blows with Ben after a cruel exchange of words.
TW: Derogatory language, kids being mean]

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:06 pm
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When he glued Ben's desk lid with PVA glue, Fry hadn't expected the effect to be that dramatic. It was just PVA, after all, which isn't exactly the stickiest glue he's ever done revenging with.*

Later, on reflection, he would realise the reason the desk stuck so well was because he sealed all the tiny gaps. He is however rather surprised the next morning when not only can Ben not open the desk, but Mr Mags can't prise it open either.

This was not exactly what he had in mind.

Fry bites his lip slightly as the rest of his class laughs at Ben's predicament. He'd thought the desk would stick for maybe a minute, and with a bit of luck, not make quite such a bang if he started dropping the lid again. But after five minutes, Mr Mags still hasn't got it open.

"Right, you'll just have to borrow stuff this morning until we find some tools." Mr Mags says, eventually.

"You will be able to open it, won't you?" Ben asks, looking slightly more upset than Fry had hoped for. "It's got... stuff of mine."

"Oh yeah, don't worry." Mr Mags says. "Just borrow these for now and we'll stick the pages in later."

He walks to the front of the class and turns around.

"Stop laughing." he says, in a low voice.

Somehow, Mr Mags' low voice is way more scary than any yelling. Everyone is quiet at once.

"I like a practical joke as much as the next person, but when it interferes with someone's schoolwork, or causes someone to be upset, that's a joke gone too far." he says. "I believe that that perhaps wasn't the intention of the prankster. I'd like them to own up; if they can't do it in front of the class, they can come and see me at the end of the morning."

Fry swallows hard, and stands up.

"I did it."

Before Mr Mags can respond, Joram stands up, across the table from him.

"Sir, I did it."

"No, I did it." Teddy says, standing up next to Joram.

"I was in it too." Noah says, getting to his feet.

Fry stares at them in confusion. Did they come in afterwards and apply their own glue? Then Kasha, who wasn't even there yesterday because she had a cold, stands up and says she did it. Even Pixie, who is usually too shy to speak in front of the class, makes a confession. And then Tommy stands up.

"I glued the desk, and so did my wife!"

Mr Mags, who is having difficulty not dissolving into laughter, waves at everyone to sit down.

"Okay, okay, I think that's enough confessions. You can all stay in at break and sharpen the pencils in the pencil box." He glances at Fry. "And if there's no more of this sort of thing, we'll say no more about it."

At break time he goes to find the school handyman to get the desk open, leaving Fry and his friends sharpening the pencils.

"I don't understand." Fry says, when Mr Mags has gone. "Why did you all take the blame with me?"

"Because we're your friends." Teddy says. "Ben's been a jerk to you, and we're on your side."

"I did also not like the big bang." Joram says.

They watch with interest when the handyman comes back to unstick the desk, which doesn't take terribly wrong. Then Tommy gets up and peeps in the newly freed desk.

"Tommy, you can't go in someone's desk!" Kasha says.

"I just wanted to see what Ben was in such a paddy about." Tommy says, pulling out a big leatherbound book. "Ooh, a secret diary!"

"Put it back, Tom." Teddy says. Tommy rolls his eyes and puts it back without opening it, but unfortunately Ben comes into the classroom at that moment and sees him.

"What are you doing?" Ben demands.

"I didn't read it." Tommy says, hurriedly. Ben goes to his desk, snatches the diary, and heads back out of the classroom.

Fry, still feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing, goes to the bathroom before the start of class. Unfortunately, just as he's washing his hands, Ben comes out of another cubicle, still holding his book. The two boys stop in their tracks.

"I know it was just you, really." Ben says. "So does Mr Mags, just you're his little pet and he didn't punish you properly."

Fry dries his hands with a tissue. Ben puts his hands under the drier, which makes a loud noise. Fry stops and puts his hands over his ears. Ben, watching him, sticks his other hand under the other drier, so they're both on. Fry tries to leave, but Ben blocks his path.

"Do not mess with me." Fry says, suddenly, ferociously. "Or you will regret it, Ben. What's your stupid problem anyway?"

"What's my problem? I hate you!" Ben says. "You act like you're four years old. You're pathetic, and you're a tattle tale. Everyone laughs at you, and you deserve it! Even your 'friends' only back you up because they think you're retarded."

Fry just restrains himself from headbutting Ben.

"Don't use that word. You know, I miss Bradley. He was an asshole too, but at least he challenged me intellectually."

"Are you calling me retarded?" Ben asks, getting up in his face. "You're the one that's retarded."

"No, just Bradley was smarter than you." Fry says. "Now get out of my way or prepare for a visit from the tooth fairy tonight."

Ben, who has learned about Fry's level of combat training the hard way, gets out of his way, still clutching his book. Fry goes to stand at the fish tank to calm himself down. Little snot! At least he got the last word.

He knows Mr Mags will help him if he asks. But part of him knows that Mr Mags was right - he is always going to have quarrels with other kids and he is at some point going to have to learn to deal with it himself.

He doesn't notice Ben return to the class behind him with slightly red eyes. And if he had noticed, he wouldn't have known what to make of it.

[*Fry's reputation for sticking things together with superglue was well known at the school, to the extent that a memo had at one point been sent to all staff forbidding anyone to leave the stuff anywhere kids could reach it.]

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:30 pm
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"I am back."

content from Onslaught Unleashed.]

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 05:18 pm
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Teja is in his usual chair near the fireplace, with his guitar for a change, playing 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'.
All vestiges of the glittersnot are gone, except perhaps a few bits of dark red twinkling in the creases of the black jeans he is wearing today.
His new black tee-shirt says
in upper-case letters consisting of dark red glitter, with the word 'glitter' especially ornate. Most likely Pyrrha's work.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 03:20 pm
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Jim has commandeered a couple of tables over by the Window. One of them holds the practical pieces of a plan about to be put in motion - a couple of air compressors, darts, a box with vials of clear liquid, a box of wires with circuit boards and explosives - and the other is far more neat. A computer, a street map of downtown Los Santos. Also, hot chocolate and cake, because while he might have work to do, he is also in a very happy and indulgent mood, humming to himself as he alternates between high-speed typing and building bits of what will become increasingly obvious is a bomb.

He is totally botherable. He probably won't share his cake, but he can offer lots of insight into blowing things up. Far more fun.

[OOC; Warning for death by dare in the Wilford thread. Which amounts to suicide, probably.]

Helghast live on to tell the tale

Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:26 pm
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 [This derives from canon events where Radec shot himself in the head and is now AU where he never did it.]

[The door closes and Radec is seemingly gone ... for now.]

Years pass, as the Helghast Col comes back as a leader for the Helghast surprisingly wearing different armor.

Radec is almost the same old Helghast then when he was before.

The door opens and a bloody knife is slipped in Radec's new armor slot before slamming the door before soldiers from the ISA come to try and kick the door down only to get nothing.

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:16 pm
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Wilford and Buster are at the bar, both having lunch. While Buster happily inhales his plate of chicken, Wilford isn't really paying too much attention to the soup and sandwich Bar decided to give him.

Things went not so well, and then they went even worse, leaving Wilford confused and trying to hide his bruised face behind an old pair of glasses with chunky plastic frames.

People around here don't react the way he expects them to. Wilford did everything he knows how to do to get someone to calm down - he threw money at the situation and let himself get hit in the face - but he still has the feeling he may have somehow missed an important detail. Which is weird, because those things usually work.

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Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:12 pm
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Elrond is seated at a table, fletching arrows. Necessary work and well known, the kind of task that is well suited when you want to keep your fingers busy.

And the light is better here than at home.

There is a small bowl of nuts and a glass of wine on the table.
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