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Enzo steps through the Door first, appearing to anyone watching to be merely exiting the cafeteria. They all know better than that by now, though. The Admin, for example, is fully aware where he's been, and is waiting for him.

"Sir. Is everything ready?"

"As we'll ever be. At least we won't all go deaf this time."

"Thanks." He ducks back through the doorway. "All clear, Red."
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Enzo pushes open a door at the end of one of the upstairs hallways. "Welcome to the digimat chamber."

It's a moderately large room, with adequate open floor space around the sides, but the centre is very solidly occupied by a large computer bank covered with the requisite blinkenlights, controls, and several monitors. Connected to this is a laser apparatus mounted on a tripod.

Against one wall is a space to stand, clearly marked out in white, and a waist-high whitewashed pedestal on casters for smaller objects. Out of the way of the targeting area is a full-length mirror.
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Enzo brings Val into the Academy through the cafeteria door. Fortunately, they emerge in the hall outside the cafeteria, so they are only greeted by a few early finishers and not the entire student body at dinner.

The cadets in the hall spot them and raise their eyes in trepidation. When whatever they're waiting for doesn't happen, though, they relax and greet the pair.

"Gee, thanks, guys. This is Val, but you'll have to wait for the show for the full introduction."

As he leads her out of the building and across campus, he mutters, "One time a guest's code turns out weird and sets off the autoscan alarms, and everyone thinks it's gonna be a habit."
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"Okay," says Enzo, leading Mark into the digimat room, "just stand over there in the target area so I can shoot you with this laser."
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Unlike during her previous visits, today Enzo leads Dani proudly and openly along the tunnels, with no skulking or invisibility involved. They pass several maintenance staff along the way; Enzo greets them cheerfully and puts a finger to his lips. The binomes nod; no spoiling the Grand Entrance, even if most of the kids know how it goes by now.

"You're his young lady, aren't you?" one asks. "The one who downloaded the movie file?"
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"Right, just stand there in the target area in front of the giant laser."
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Enzo unlocks one of the upstairs doors and gestures Claudia inside. "Here it is. The digimat."
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Enzo ushers Guppy into an upstairs room containing a massive bank of hardware, including lasers, monitors, and Big Red Buttons.

"Here it is. The digitizer." Beat. "And matterizer. And some other things. Maybe it needs a better name."
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